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Since the principle of telephone was uncovered in 1884, the ubiquitous Telephone has been one of the most useful inventions for the benefit of humankind. It has helped humankind reach the remotest location and connect with people. One of its many uses is the use in the field of health, specifically oral health.

There is a proven relationship between oral and general health. According to WHO, oral health is the key indicator of overall health, well-being and quality of life. The Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 estimated that oral diseases affect 3.5 billion people worldwide, with untreated dental caries being among the most prevalent non-communicable diseases. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the incidence of oral cancer was within the top three of all cancers in some Asian-Pacific countries in 2018.

What is e-Dentistry or Tele-dentistry?

e-Dentistry or Tele-dentistry refers to the use of tele-health systems and methodologies in dentistry. Tele-health refers to a broad variety of technologies and tactics to deliver virtual medical, health, and education services. Tele-health is not a specific service, but a collection of means to enhance care and education delivery.

Tele-dentistry can include patient care and education delivery using, but not limited to, the following modalities:

• Live video (synchronous)
• Store-and-forward (asynchronous)
• Remote patient monitoring (RPM)
• Mobile health (m-Health)

e-Dentistry helps Dental Care to reach maximum number of people even in the remotest regions taking oral health to the ones who need it. The uses maybe

• To educate the masses
• To spread awareness
• For consultation and treatment

Scope of e-Dentistry in India

• Educating on Oral Health
• Improving Oral Health
• To assist in pre-consultation
• Consultation
• Scientific Scheduling
• Seeking opinion

At Dhotrad’s Dental Clinics we believe in being technically advanced to provide our patients the best at their convenience.

Domestic and international patients who wish to seek dental treatment at Dhotrad’s Dental Clinics may use the platform of e-Dentistry to consult, schedule an appointment and for follow-up. It can boost the confidence of the patient to discuss the dental problems and various related issues and to be assured of effective treatment.

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