At Dhotrad’s Sunny Dental Clincis, we love helping patients with a beautiful and natural-looking smile. One of the ways to accomplish this is by offering dental fillings. We are skilled at providing a variety of fillings based on the needs and demands to prevent tooth decay and to arrest further deterioration of the tooth.

What is Dental Filling?

Dental filling is a type of restoration also colloquially called Dental Cement. Dental fillings are used to fill a cavity or an area on the tooth that has decayed material excavated or removed. The filling material will protect against more damage. Fillings are useful to help repair cracked or broken teeth.

What is the benefit of Dental Filling?

Filling is a very versatile treatment that can do more than fix cavities. Some fantastic benefits of getting fillings are:

• Provides peace of mind due to durability
• Matches and improve the aesthetics of the teeth
• Certain fillings like the glass ionomer cement (GIC) release fluoride. This helps safeguard the tooth from further decay
• Helps provide additional strength and support to a weak tooth
• Helps prevent possible infections of the tooth, especially after a root canal treatment (RCT)
• Improves tooth function by making chewing and eating effective

What are the types of Dental Filling?

Dental filling can be prepared from a variety of material namely

• Silver amalgam
• Porcelain
• Composite resin
• Glass ionomer cement (GIC)
• Gold

The most suitable material is decided based on the need and the suitability to the tooth in consultation with the patient.

What is Composite Tooth Filling?

It is available in a variety of tooth shades and matches the shade of the natural teeth. It allows a natural blend and cannot be noticed or differentiated from the tooth. The resin composite fillings consist of a blend of ceramic and plastic.

What is the difference between Silver & Tooth-Colored Fillings?

The most popular fillings that dentists use are glass ionomer cement (GIC), resin composite and silver amalgam. These fillings are commonly known as tooth-colored and silver. Silver fillings are popular due to them being economical and long-lasting. Resin fillings enjoy aesthetics being tooth-colored, providing an invisible appearance with these unique benefits also some drawbacks. Silver filling may cause allergies in some patients; while glass ionomer cement (GIC) and resin ones need periodic replacement and longer application times.

What is the life of a Dental Filling?

The life of the dental filling depends on several factors. The materials used plays a significant role in durability, as well as the cavity size and personal oral hygiene habits.

Dental filling is not a permanent fix. With proper care, the oral habits, the food habits and the PH value of an individual’s saliva, the filling may last many years, sometimes even decades. Each filling material has its own unique average life expectancy.

The good news is that these are averages. Patients can extend the life of their fillings with proper oral care. Contact Dhotrad’s Dental Clinics to learn more about how to take care of your teeth.

What’s the total cost to get filling done?

On average, expect fillings to be between a few hundreds to thousands based on the type of filling. Exact cost estimates are difficult to pinpoint due to a variety of factors. Final cost may depend on:

• Insurance carrier and elected coverage
• The number of cavities that need filling
• The size of the cavity
• Type of fillings chosen
• The location of the teeth that need fillings

Post consultation, the final cost can be decided.

If you have cavities, contact Dhotrad’s Dental Clinics today. Getting filling helps protect your teeth and prevent considerable deterioration in the future.

Let us help you get that beautiful glowing smile you deserve.