With concern towards the safety of the patients, the following post COVID-19 safety measures have been incorporated at our clinics

1. Priority to emergency and urgent treatment
2. Treatment on prior appointment basis
3. Online consultation, appointment and patient screening prior to arrival
4. Pre-treatment patient screening
5. Digitalized recording of medical history, health and present condition and travel history prior to arrival
6. Pre Treatment questionnaire to ensure that the patient does not have any symptoms of Covid-19
7. Telephonic appointment and discussion on protocol to be followed prior to the arrival at the clinic to prepare the patient for the treatment
8. Infra-red (IR), non contact temperature measure of the patient and attender at the entry
9. Pulse oximeter check, to measure oxygen saturation level, at the entry
10. Sanitization at the entry
11. Patient Protection Gear - Disposable gloves, mask and shoe covers provided at entry
12. Doctors and Paramedical staff in complete PPE kit
13. One time use of a PPE kit
14. Multi stage instrument sterilization: wash, chemical cleaning, glass-bead, autoclave and UV-C sterilization
15. Cubicle sanitization after every patient
16. Separated cubicles for each chair to help in sterilization
17. UV-C light (ultraviolet) for complete cubicle sterilization, Bacillol for chair and operatory instant sterilization, sodium hypochlorite for floor and outside area sterilization, and alcohol based sanitizer for door handles sterilization
18. Aerosol removal and air purifying devices
19. Digital Payment options to ensure non contact
20. Responsible waste disposal through government certified body
21. Patient care and understanding

11 Points Convenience

1. Digitalized appointment booking
2. Digitalized history
3. IR contactless temperature measure
4. Sanitization at entry
5. Pulse oximeter check
6. Patient Protective Gear
7. Regular sanitization of clinic and equipment
8. Multi stage instrument sterilization
9. Contact less payment
10. Responsible waste disposal
11. Understanding